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With these plans and about 1/2 hour of time, you can make a small modification to your camera's viewfinder, which will give you a composite output of everything the viewfinder sees, including:

  • Camera Image
  • Safe Area Marks
  • Audio Levels
  • Zebra Strips
  • Skin Area Zebra
  • Camera and VCR set-up screens
  • Time remaining / Battery life
  • and all other VF screens

You'll need a female composite jack (either BNC or RCA), a soldering iron, and a knife

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JVC Composite Viewfinder Output Plans

Composite Viewfinder
Output Plans
for JVC Viewfinders
(such as included with the JVC-GYDV500)

For the shooting of the all-digital feature movie "SECRET MESSAGES", our primary camera was the JVC-GYDV500. A great camera, but one problem is that there is no way to easily output the set-up items, safe area screen, and other information that can be viewed on the viewfinder. Now, these items are clearly displayed in the viewfinder, but if you want to see them on a monitor, you're out of luck. That's why we came up with these plans.

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