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Topics covered 
in this video:

  • Equipment Requirements
  • Video Hardware
  • Installing Premiere
  • The Device Manager
  • Premiere Settings
  • Capturing Video
  • Using the Timeline
  • Adding Transitions
  • Using the Storyboard
  • Adding custom Music
  • Adding Titles
  • Using the Audio Mixer
  • Using Bins
  • Exporting to a VCR
  • Exporting for the Web
  • Troubleshooting
  • Plus more...

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Getting Started with Adobe Premiere 6.5 and the RT.X10/100

People have been using Adobe products for a long time now. Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker. They are truly professional-level software packages, and they command a professional-level price. Adobe has taken the lead again with an astounding video editing package - ADOBE PREMIERE 6.5.

And if you thought Premiere was powerful by itself, you will be amazed when you see Premiere with the Matrox RT.X100. This hour and a quarter long video takes you through Premiere and onto using the Matrox Power of X.

We use an RT.X100 in this video, but all of our examples will work with the Matrox RT.X10. Adobe Premiere can be extremely hard to learn if you try to digest the 400 page manual, and then another 250 pages of Matrox manual can leave you exhausted. On the other hand, our videos take you from ground zero to up-and-running in a little over an hour. It's the perfect guide for beginners or those new to editing.

If this is your first time ordering a video from us, then you haven't yet experienced the clear and understandable no-nonsense approach we use to present our video topics. The screen shots are sharp and readable, and the production is tight. We don't waste your time with things you won't need. To get an idea of what we're talking about, you can click on the streaming video in the lower left corner of this page (Windows Media Format).

Our videos have won the support of companies like JVC, Matrox, The Electronic Mailbox, Studio 1 Productions, and many other companies. If you're looking for a clear-cut crash course on the basics of editing with this amazing software package, you've come to the right place. 

"This is simply the best Premiere 6 video I have ever seen. It is loaded with all the info you need to get started editing with Premiere 6 as quickly and easily as possible. The great camera work lets you see clearly and precisely what you need to do to navigate and use Premiere. Most importantly, this is a fast paced video that is interesting and easy to watch.  This video will have you editing in Premiere in no time. If you run into technical support issues, you will find the added bonus "Videoguys' Top Tech tips" section will save you valuable time and effort. The Electronic Mailbox is proud to be a sponsor of this excellent training product. Great job!" - Gary Bettan, The Electronic Mailbox (

Copyright (c) 2003,2004 Roo Productions. All rights reserved